A Birthday in My Happy Place

This year my family put together a lovely little birthday celebration at my happy place and it made my heart soar.  My mom made me the most lovely of lemon cakes layered with a homemade lemon curd, my cousin picked up Otto's to go, and the evening ended with the most beautiful of strawberry moons accompanied by a lovely summer breeze.  It was a birthday I will never forget and always cherish.  

Dinner in the Mountains

My mom put together the most lovely of dinner parties the other night and there were a couple of details that I noticed that made it really special.  She used some antique salt and pepper bowls that she has been collecting to decorate the table along with some simple mason jars filled with the most lovely of flowers.  Her linens were simple and the table and chairs were rented so it made for a simple but special party.  Some take aways that I will use the next time I entertain:

1. Keep it simple

2. Use details to make it special (antique condiment holder/antiques for decor)

3. Mason jars always do the trick 


I am so excited to announce a new fun "sprout" off of the Farmer's Market, dreamed up by my dear friends Evelyn and Lara, for kids!!  The first event for this new program called Seedlings will be this Tuesday!!  Meet at Tubby's at 9am for a quick garden tour and a potty break.  They will then caravan out to Marburger Orchard for a little farm tour, a story, song, and snack in the orchard.  Mommies AND daddies are welcome to come.  Kiddos need to bring a water bottle, bug spray, and sunscreen.  For this first event they are capping it at 20 kids from ages 2-6.  Email Evelyn Washburn at evelynwashburne@gmail.com to sign up asap!  Spots are going to fill up fast!!!  Yay for Seedlings!  COST: FREE!!!!


Pearls of Wisdom

My sweet great grandmother "Mom" was one amazing women...she lived until she was 103 after all!  Some things I loved about her were her name - William Johnson Young (her daddy named her after himself and everyone who loved her called her either Bill or Willie), her love for roses and plants, her cooking skills (everything from scratch), the way she didn't own a trash can in her kitchen, how she dressed up as a scary old lady for Halloween every year, her love for Mexico, and most importantly her love for the Lord.  She was so very fun to be around and a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I remember interviewing her in High School when she lived with us and being so amazed at how our conversation went from her memories of the Depression to her thoughts on 9/11.  She was sharp as a tack until the day she went to be with Jesus and I am so thankful that Bill Young was such a big part of my life.  

She created this "pearls of wisdom" list and I thought I should share it.  I hope it inspires you as it has inspired me!


Go to Church, pray and read the Bible

Have a garden

Travel to Mexico

If you have a pet-make it a farm animal

Cook from scratch, use no recipe & never tell anyone what’s in it

Do something kind for the homeless & volunteer at your church

Buy things from a local merchant

Own a Farmer’s Almanac…grow things that you can eat

Read books

Milk a cow…make some butter…pick wild berries

Visit your grandmother on a regular basis

Make sure and have roses in your garden and only the fragrant ones

Surround yourself with lots of friends

Learn to drive at a very young age

Build something from lumber

Go to the country…live in a small town…walk to the store

Sleep on a porch

Be a farmer or rancher… live off the land & and eat what you kill

Learn to take responsibility at an early age

Work until you have blisters

Don’t take medicine unless you really need to

Use Aloe Vera for almost everything

Recycle almost everything

Tell the truth…don’t whine

Have friends that are much older than you

Visit a cemetery-even if you don’t know anyone in it

Worship at a small town church, especially if they plant roses

Don’t go on a diet…don’t ever chew gum

Be always kind and true

And… take a nap everyday

Celebrating Easter

This Easter was a rough one.  Our sweet little boy was sick as can be and I have been up all night with him for several nights now so I am a bit of a sleep deprived crazy lady but I will say that it didn't take away from the awesome truth that comes from Easter.  It still continues to blow my mind and it does so even more every year that Jesus died and rose from the dead for my sins...to set me free from death...totally mind blowing!  Thank you Jesus!

Because our little guy was sick we didn't want to spread the icky germs to our cousins so sweet David stayed back with him and let me go celebrate Easter with the fam and our little girlie.  Thanks a ton D for taking one for the team!  It was a great celebration indeed.  When I got there the kitchen was the center of the action...my grandmother at the helm guiding the ship of the most beautiful pot luck meal made from scratch and my mom was busy creating the most beautiful setting and being the wonderful welcoming hostess she always is.  Mimi made the homemade lemon pies and fresh whipped cream, cousin Chloe made the skillets of homemade macaroni and cheese, aunt Julie made the jalapeno cornbread, cousin Christine made the Oysters Rockefeller, aunt Tina put together the most lovely salad, aunt Sarah made the deviled egss, I did the fennel, potato, kohlrabi, and cauilflower + lemon roast and a chocolate cake, and aunt Lisa did the grilled chicken.  It was delicious and beautiful and I was so thankful for every second of it!  Happy Easter to you all!!!