Live Oak Goods

The other day I had the privilege of photographing some images for some dear friends, Anna Marie and Knox.  Knox has come together with another dear friend, Robert, to start a new business focused on creating beautiful furniture, home goods, and kitchen utensils out of the Live Oaks that have sadly died from Oak Wilt, a deadly disease that has killed thousands of trees in the hill country.  Robert has dreamed of reusing the beautiful wood of the dead oaks for a long time and it is so exciting to see it coming to life (pun intended).  Knox and Robert not only can use these oaks for small projects such as benches, coffee makers, cutting boards, and coasters...they also can create the barn like feel in a home with great beautiful beams that they hand cut.  

I hope you enjoy these works of art as much as I do.  I am just itching to get a pour over coffee holder.  The ceramic piece that holds the filter in place is even hand made by another of my favorite local businesses, Guten Co.  I think it is just about the most beautiful coffee making device I have ever seen!!!

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Guten Co

I can't hardly contain my excitement that Guten Co. is OPEN!!!  This team, read more about the girls here, has created some amazing goodies that I am kind of going cuckoo over.  I pretty much want anything, everything, all of what these girls have and will ever make!  Let me show you a sneak at some of those goods.  I am SO excited about this!!!  Enjoy heading on over to Guten Co.