Frosty Texas Day

The frost is here and is creating a wonderland of ice but a house of crazy people.  We are in desperate need of a - I never ever thought I would say this - Chuck-e-cheese or something like that here in Fred.  My children's outings on cold days consist of hitting up every store that sells groceries, Tractor Supply, and of course Walmart - where they pick up the most lovely of germs.  Chuck-e-cheese I'm sure could top the germs at Walmart but on the flip side it could create some very effective and desperately needed usage of bouncing off of the walls toddler energy.  But alas, I am ok with my children bouncing off of the walls at Tractor Supply.  Its actually quite fun running through the wrangler shirts and pulling out the bulk chain for sale.  Makes for a pretty good time:)  

Today though I thought I would focus on the beauty that the frost brings and the contrast that the ice brings to the plants that I associate so much with a mild winter and hot summers.  I couldn't help but visit a few of my favorite spots and snap a couple of pics to share.  I also think I appreciate the way that the ice covers the plants more than the snow's almost like they have been dipped in glass.  Hope you enjoy a look into the hill country covered in a little bit of frost:)

*click on the image to see the full size of the photo*