Choosing Chickens

Our sweet chickens were killed last Friday by a wild cuckoo dog that our neighbor owns.  Ok...maybe on other occasions he isn't wild and cuckoo...I don't see him often...but you better believe he had one wild and cuckoo night pushing into our coop and killing our 4 sweet pea brained pets.  We all shed some tears the morning we found them and I have now gone overboard, in case of any other chicken massacres, and bought us 15 chicks.  That's right..15...we are going to start a chicken egg operation and have 15 sweet little baby chicks to pet and play with.  I must say I learned a bit while ordering my chickens on line.  The two times we have bought chicks it has been at the feed store and I got to pick the exact little guy I wanted right out of the this is a whole different ball game.  First of all most online hatcheries just sell straight runs (mixed sexes) so you don't know how many hens and how many roosters you are no likey that very much b/c then what do I do with all of the roosters that I don't want...there will be no more chicken deaths on my watch!  So...I finally found a hatchery online that did a special "backyard farming" selection where you could pick 2 different breeds that had all female chicks in a set of 10 or 5 chicks of one breed.  Awesome!  So I did my research and I choose these that are all good layers and have pretty plumage and are just simply awesome:

Rhode Island Red  - brown eggs

Barred Plymouth Rock - brown eggs

Ameraucana - green, blue, and sometimes pink eggs

They are all also Bantam chickens or what some people call "mini-chickens".  Much smaller for backyard farmin' and oh so cute.  I just can't wait to get the chicks!!  Moral of the story is...make sure your coop is always totally locked up, buy bantam hens, always add ameraucanas to the mix (who doesn't want a green egg for breakfast) and don't go for the straight run (unless you are a scary person that likes to kill male chicks).  I'll share some pics when the little gals arrive:)