The Butterfly Cake

My sweet little baby is 3.  Wooo-ie!  It sure was fun celebrating that little love muffin who came from such a hard start of surgery and being diagnosed with a syndrome to this tough little cookie age of 3.  This year she wanted a butterfly pool party...and we, being the quintessential doting parents, obliged.  Of course I knew I just had to go for the butterfly would be so boring not to shoot for the moon on this one.  So here is that story...the story of the butterfly cake and the cake zen that I found.

Did you know that cake making is one of the best forms of therapy?  It brings me to a place of if someone is talking to me...I can't really hear them.  For example, this weekend my brother and husband patiently waited as I iced my four layer butterfly masterpiece and as the babies continued to cry and the boys continued to ask how much longer my mind was elsewhere in the land of cake making peace unable to be shaken by the screams of babies and pleas of men wanting to play basketball.  That my friends is what I call a strong place of zen.  It is called cake zen and it is good.  After witnessing my place of peace first hand my brother has suspicions that I was in my little corner of the kitchen icing the same spot over and over to stretch out my baby free zen time, but alas I have reminded him never to question the power of cake zen.  

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Come on out to the Farmer's Market

The Fredericksburg Farmer's Market is one of my favorite little markets of all time.  I actually sold cupcakes there years ago and it was a ton of fun but a LOT of hard work so I understand what it is like for all of those vendors out there...loading, unloading, pricing...let's just say it takes a lot longer than it looks.  But anywho, this year the market is full of great vendors.  Local handmade goat's milk chesses, fresh fish from the gulf, grass-fed local beef, pasture raised chickens, fresh eggs, organic produce of all different kinds (2 weeks ago I bought garlic scapes, icicle radish, artichokes, beets, and purplette onions), and much more.  You can get yourself homemade pizza made by master baker Josh Rymer, a free bite from the chefs corner featuring a new chef each week, homemade seasonal soup (using produce from the market) made by the HCM Hospital (yes, our hospital makes great food!), lamb sliders or fish tacos and much more!  It's such a blast!  Come on out from 4-7 to Marketplatz to support our market!

And while you are at it follow @FBGFARMERSMARKET on Instagram...I'm the curator for it and would love to share more about our market with you!

Frosty Texas Day

The frost is here and is creating a wonderland of ice but a house of crazy people.  We are in desperate need of a - I never ever thought I would say this - Chuck-e-cheese or something like that here in Fred.  My children's outings on cold days consist of hitting up every store that sells groceries, Tractor Supply, and of course Walmart - where they pick up the most lovely of germs.  Chuck-e-cheese I'm sure could top the germs at Walmart but on the flip side it could create some very effective and desperately needed usage of bouncing off of the walls toddler energy.  But alas, I am ok with my children bouncing off of the walls at Tractor Supply.  Its actually quite fun running through the wrangler shirts and pulling out the bulk chain for sale.  Makes for a pretty good time:)  

Today though I thought I would focus on the beauty that the frost brings and the contrast that the ice brings to the plants that I associate so much with a mild winter and hot summers.  I couldn't help but visit a few of my favorite spots and snap a couple of pics to share.  I also think I appreciate the way that the ice covers the plants more than the snow's almost like they have been dipped in glass.  Hope you enjoy a look into the hill country covered in a little bit of frost:)

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Live Oak Goods

The other day I had the privilege of photographing some images for some dear friends, Anna Marie and Knox.  Knox has come together with another dear friend, Robert, to start a new business focused on creating beautiful furniture, home goods, and kitchen utensils out of the Live Oaks that have sadly died from Oak Wilt, a deadly disease that has killed thousands of trees in the hill country.  Robert has dreamed of reusing the beautiful wood of the dead oaks for a long time and it is so exciting to see it coming to life (pun intended).  Knox and Robert not only can use these oaks for small projects such as benches, coffee makers, cutting boards, and coasters...they also can create the barn like feel in a home with great beautiful beams that they hand cut.  

I hope you enjoy these works of art as much as I do.  I am just itching to get a pour over coffee holder.  The ceramic piece that holds the filter in place is even hand made by another of my favorite local businesses, Guten Co.  I think it is just about the most beautiful coffee making device I have ever seen!!!

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SO...we bought a...

Piece of land!  Wowsers!  We are officially country folk and David is already itching to buy a tractor...which we would love to do if they weren't so cuckoo expensive!  Anyone out there have a tractor they don't want?  

It's exciting to own land...we are excited to "work" it, excited to grown things on it, excited to have goats or cows and even bees on it, and we can't wait to get rid of a lot of the cactus.  Land out here is pretty expensive and this land for sure is not the prettiest, it's not the most special, it's not spectacular, but we love it and are excited to someday call it home.  First we have to deal with some things that make this property pretty "special" (nice word for busted).  But I really see so much potential once it gets cleaned up and we figure out what to do with the 200ft long turkey barn in need of a major facelift:)

I am sure I will be writing more about the journey with this land.  It is such a big part of our lives and it is quite fascinating to me because as an artist I feel like I can usually visualize potential and a creative way to remodel or spruce up...but I am getting major creative block here trying to figure out what to do with all of the obstacles (turkey barn, busted 60's house, the ditch, overhead electrical wires, 3 little busted sheds, the plethora of mesquite trees, and the cactus that is literally every step).  But alas we will take it step by step and hopefully end up with a lovely spot:)