The Butterfly Cake

My sweet little baby is 3.  Wooo-ie!  It sure was fun celebrating that little love muffin who came from such a hard start of surgery and being diagnosed with a syndrome to this tough little cookie age of 3.  This year she wanted a butterfly pool party...and we, being the quintessential doting parents, obliged.  Of course I knew I just had to go for the butterfly would be so boring not to shoot for the moon on this one.  So here is that story...the story of the butterfly cake and the cake zen that I found.

Did you know that cake making is one of the best forms of therapy?  It brings me to a place of if someone is talking to me...I can't really hear them.  For example, this weekend my brother and husband patiently waited as I iced my four layer butterfly masterpiece and as the babies continued to cry and the boys continued to ask how much longer my mind was elsewhere in the land of cake making peace unable to be shaken by the screams of babies and pleas of men wanting to play basketball.  That my friends is what I call a strong place of zen.  It is called cake zen and it is good.  After witnessing my place of peace first hand my brother has suspicions that I was in my little corner of the kitchen icing the same spot over and over to stretch out my baby free zen time, but alas I have reminded him never to question the power of cake zen.  

- to see the full photo click on the picture -

Come on out to the Farmer's Market

The Fredericksburg Farmer's Market is one of my favorite little markets of all time.  I actually sold cupcakes there years ago and it was a ton of fun but a LOT of hard work so I understand what it is like for all of those vendors out there...loading, unloading, pricing...let's just say it takes a lot longer than it looks.  But anywho, this year the market is full of great vendors.  Local handmade goat's milk chesses, fresh fish from the gulf, grass-fed local beef, pasture raised chickens, fresh eggs, organic produce of all different kinds (2 weeks ago I bought garlic scapes, icicle radish, artichokes, beets, and purplette onions), and much more.  You can get yourself homemade pizza made by master baker Josh Rymer, a free bite from the chefs corner featuring a new chef each week, homemade seasonal soup (using produce from the market) made by the HCM Hospital (yes, our hospital makes great food!), lamb sliders or fish tacos and much more!  It's such a blast!  Come on out from 4-7 to Marketplatz to support our market!

And while you are at it follow @FBGFARMERSMARKET on Instagram...I'm the curator for it and would love to share more about our market with you!

Yes, There is Homemade Ramen in Fred

At the Bobo's house.

Meet Tim and Lara Bobo...hardworking, loving individuals who can whip up an unforgettable meal.  This duo...they are like peanut butter and jelly...they really really really compliment each other.  Tim is the chef...for this meal he started the broth 12 hours before it hit our lips and the meat that he slowly cooked to perfection was started the day before to ensure the most succulent pork you have ever tasted. Lara is the designer...she creates the feel and the look of the meal...she ensures that you enjoy the meal with your eyes before you taste what lovely flavors it has to offer.  Put these two talents together and whala you have the most delightful meal imaginable in front of you.  

So a little about the ethnic food in Fred..yes there are a couple of spots in Fred where you can enjoy a bit that hard to find cuisine.  Ginger and Spice offers some pretty good Thai curry dishes and Panda serves tasty Chinese vittles but to get something that really hits the must go to the Bobos.  

On the menu tonight:

Bubbly Ginger Lemon Tea 

Homemade Pork Buns with hoisin, radish, and cilantro

Homemade Ramen

     (Tim used a recipe from one of he and Lara's favorite restaurants, Momofuko)

Homemade Mochi filled with chocolate ice cream (on top of a homemade mousse)

Did I say homemade enough...because I want to emphasize the awesomeness of how everything was made from scratch...a lost art...something that these days we don't devote our time to.  And yes, perhaps we are too busy to cook from scratch all of the time BUT there is something so special about eating something that someone worked so very hard on...that someone mixed and baked and cooked and roasted for your enjoyment.  Thank you Bobo's for hands down my best ethnic cuisine experience in Fredericksburg of all time!  The depth of flavor in that broth has jaded me forever...I will never be able to make a broth as delightfully tasty as that!