Casa de Mal

I have been friends with Mal for 14 years now and from the moment we met we have been "bosom friends" as Anne of Green Gables would put it.  The first time I ever saw Mal she was on stage in front of our several thousand student summer orientation group answering the call for any students with "super human tricks" to come up and show us their magic.  I'll never forget Mal in her adorable vintage circle skirt and funky thick choker necklace standing up there showing us all her double jointed elbows while looking so very adorable.  I knew I had to meet that girl and it wasn't very long after that when we were randomly put together at a Spanish placement test that same week, at the same party one night, and walking down to the same sorority house a month later.  It's pretty awesome how that all worked out.  The Lord knew I needed a friend like Mal.  She's been a dear friend, an inspiration, and an absolute hoot, and I love her dearly.  I have always loved her is so uniquely her.  Her love for music, for sunlight, the influence of oriental decor from her grandmother who married a missionary and lived in China, and of course her old soul that shows so brilliantly in the antiques and treasures of days past but revered so dearly.  I wish you could go inside because the pictures don't do it justice.  This home is truly a treehouse dream home.