The Mountains in the Summertime

Today was David's first day back at school.  The end of summer has officially arrived and we turn the page to a new chapter of life.  As I look back at the summer I am grateful for the memories we shared.  My life has of late been surrounded by hardship.  Not the my kids are not behaving and I'm about to go crazy kind...which don't get me wrong I know those days and they are hard...this is a whole different beast.  Two people very dear to me and a part of my family are fighting the fight with cancer.  It's so very hard.  It is beyond hard to see them hurting but at the same time so very inspiring to see them stand tall in their inspiring that it has given me a new perspective on life.  Life is ebbs and it flows...there are ups and there are can go on or it can abruptly end...these are all things we know for why do I always yearn for only the ups and live in fear of the looming down?  When I am in that mindset I have lost sight of faith...of the truth that God is good all the time.  That He works all things together for the good of those who love Him.  There will be ups...there will be downs...but in the end it is all about something totally better, something divine, and out of this world.  It is about God and His divine plan for us and the world.  I am hopeful that in this upcoming year first of all that there would be divine healing, and second that I would live a life for the Lord to the fullest everyday without fear.  

In the mountains my new perspective manifested itself in seeing nature in a whole new dimension.  I have always been a nature girl so it really was amazing to have my appreciation go even deeper.  I saw not only beauty in so many things but I saw God.  I witnessed the ups and downs of life in nature but the goodness of God all around in the beauty.  It's hard to put into words but let's just say it blessed me immensely.  I wanted to share these moments that I snapped to bring a snippet of that blessing back for anyone that reads this ol' blog out there.  Pay it forward if you will.