Celebrating Easter

This Easter was a rough one.  Our sweet little boy was sick as can be and I have been up all night with him for several nights now so I am a bit of a sleep deprived crazy lady but I will say that it didn't take away from the awesome truth that comes from Easter.  It still continues to blow my mind and it does so even more every year that Jesus died and rose from the dead for my sins...to set me free from death...totally mind blowing!  Thank you Jesus!

Because our little guy was sick we didn't want to spread the icky germs to our cousins so sweet David stayed back with him and let me go celebrate Easter with the fam and our little girlie.  Thanks a ton D for taking one for the team!  It was a great celebration indeed.  When I got there the kitchen was the center of the action...my grandmother at the helm guiding the ship of the most beautiful pot luck meal made from scratch and my mom was busy creating the most beautiful setting and being the wonderful welcoming hostess she always is.  Mimi made the homemade lemon pies and fresh whipped cream, cousin Chloe made the skillets of homemade macaroni and cheese, aunt Julie made the jalapeno cornbread, cousin Christine made the Oysters Rockefeller, aunt Tina put together the most lovely salad, aunt Sarah made the deviled egss, I did the fennel, potato, kohlrabi, and cauilflower + lemon roast and a chocolate cake, and aunt Lisa did the grilled chicken.  It was delicious and beautiful and I was so thankful for every second of it!  Happy Easter to you all!!!