Goldfinch season

It's time y'all!!  Get those goldfinch feeders out ASAP!!  Yesterday I counted 15 on my feeders...including one rosefinch...and they were beautiful.  I was able to snap a quick pic of a couple of them before they all flew away...yes!  When you are looking for your goldfinch feeder you need one that has the teeny tiny slits for the small nyjer (or thistle) feed that goldfinch love.  I even found one at our local hardware store that has suction cups on it so that you can adhere it to a window for the kids to enjoy some close up goldfinch action.  Don't want to spend too much money on goldfinch like my crazy birdlady self...then I would recommend the 2 in 1 bird feeder that can be for finches or for songbirds.  Happy goldfinch season everyone!!!