Going to my Mimi's house is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  She does the best job creating a cozy and welcoming space.  As I went though her home taking pictures of all of her special pieces and beautiful vignettes I loved the way that every piece has a story.  From the floral painting on the wall purchased by my great great uncle at the rodeo to the brass beds from my mom's bedroom when she was a little girl...everything had so much sentimental value and was just absolutely beautiful.  

Not only is Mimi a wonderful decorator, she is also a wonderful cook and gardener.  Every time I go there is something wonderful to eat and it's always made from scratch.  Today she had the kettle on the stove for some tea and the most delicious homemade meyer lemon marmalade.  On the kitchen island was an equisite weeping pussy willow in bloom.  It was perfect.  A Sunday I will never forget and always cherish.