Having chickens is not always pretty.  The coop stinks, their poop is often on my front porch because we let them roam all over the place, the chicken police have been at my house before...yes the chicken police, making sure they have enough water and a little extra feed has been an occasional source of marital tension, and last week they dug up one of my $5.99 cyclamen...BUT they give us the most beautiful eggs with pretty deep yellow yolks (thanks to all of that grass they are eating...and bugs under my cyclamen) and have actually made for sweet pets for the kiddos.  Of course we have developed a favorite...our white Ameraucana named Snow White that we all can't help but dote on and I just can't imagine not having our chickies.  Paying $7 for a carton of pasture thanks!  I'll take the poop on the front porch any day.