Homemade Tortillas

You can take the girl out of San Antonio but you can't take the San Antonio out of the girl.  True story.  I love this small German town, the rolling hills, and the beautiful oak trees but I will admit that every once in a while my heart aches for San Antonio's vibrant Mexican culture.  The food, the music, and the just throw on a Mexican dress year round vibe is just simply a part of me.  So naturally it comes out in my cooking which almost every day has some sort of Mexican influence.  The other night it was homemade flour tortillas with some queso fundido and guacamole...yum.  I have made corn tortillas a bazillion times so it was fun to flex my cooking muscles a little bit and go for some whole wheat.  They turned out delicioso and totally worth a little extra time making them.  Just a little San Antonio girl tip...beware of the whole "get out your rolling pin" bit that lots of recipes for tortillas have out there!  It's ridiculous! Get yourself a metal tortilla press on amazon and just do the super fast press!  Here is the recipe I found and thought was simple and made a very yumbo in the tumbo tortilla.  Buen provecho!  And muchisimas gracias to my amiga Adele who's lovely green thumb supplied the jalapenos and basil for the guacamole!