The United States Botanical Garden

Visiting the Botanical Gardens in Washington, D.C. was beyond inspiring.  It was so amazing to walk through a maze of rooms hosting rare dessert plants, orchids, edibles, and jungle foliage in the most beautiful greenhouse I have ever seen.  It was seriously impressive and a must see for anyone headed that way.  Looking back at the photos and thinking back on my experience I feel challenged to look at plants as so much more than lovely creations playing a huge role in our ecosystem and carriers for what I usually pay the most attention to, flowers.  I see them as the textures, the lines, and the colors that make up the beauty of our world that we take so for granted.  I loved seeing the dessert cati that grew so spiraled and curled verses the straight lines of the long spines that adorned the one right next to it as well as the colorful flowering trees next to the more neutral ones that create just as much fruit.  

As the summer comes to a close and the fall is upon us I can't help but feel an itch to plant.  Yesterday I purchased some lovely American Beautyberry bushes to bring a little texture and color to my front bed.  I hope that these photos of the Botanical Gardens give you some inspiration and appreciation as it did for me.