The Peach Basket

Is my favorite grocery store in town.  They do an amazing job bringing in fresh and organic fruits and vegetables from the most talented small farms and gardens around town.  Fredericksburg Garten , Sunshine and Honey Bee Farm, Ruby, and Bernadette are some of my favorite suppliers.  The owner, Danny, even brings some of his chemical free beautiful peaches when they are in season.  Sweet Scott of Wahoo Fish Market drives over his fresh caught fish from the gulf and the homemade goodies you can find by The Peach Basket make for the perfect grab and go lunch spot.  To sum it can get everything here.  I love that I can get seasonal, organic, local produce, local fish, local meats, homemade breads, local organic coffee...I mean really there is no reason to shop anywhere else!  Ok...I know what some of you are's too expensive...let me refute it's not.  They have really done a great job providing the customer with different price options like a more expensive milk and a less expensive milk...AND the other day I bough a dozen beautiful blue and brown eggs from Ruby's pasture raised chickens for $2.99...did you know that organic eggs at H.E.B. that are not pasture raised are close to $7?!  I also bought a large  tub of handpicked organic cherry tomatoes from Bernadette's impressive garden for $4.  I just look for the veggies and fruits that are in season and therefore a good deal and I splurge on my favorite more expensive milk every once in a while.  I really and truly believe that when you shop at a place like the Peach Basket you are not only supporting local farmers that are caring for your food and the earth in not using chemicals, but also supporting a great local establishment that works so very hard to provide their customers with the very best!