Some Good Ol' Fashioned Awkwardness

Foraging gets a little awkward.  Especially when breaking off magnolia branches from your down the street neighbors trash pile of clippings sitting on the side of the road and they just happen to back out of their driveway, catch a glimpse of your wide eyed excitement at this massive pile of floral treasures, and wave a "what the heck are you doing" wave in a "you are a total weirdo" kind of way.  That was me the other day and it was quite embarrassing but equally as hilarious so I just giggled my way home with more magnolia clippings than one should ever have in their house at one time.  "Was it worth the embarrassment?" you say and I will reply a good ol fashioned "heck yes!".  The clippings lasted for over a week and when the seed pods opened to reveal the most striking (and tasty looking to the 1 yr old) red seeds we enjoyed a free science lesson.  Point of the story is when I find Magnolia clippings on the side of the road I feel that I have found a pile of foraging gold.  So my dear friends I encourage you all to keep your eyes peeled when driving through the 'hood and to simply go for the gold.