A New Collection

In Fredericksburg it's pretty hot.  BUT it's not as hot as in the big city so I am thankful to be in a small town where the plethora of trees give ample shade and all you can hear is the cicadas chirping outside...the summer sound that I will never get tired of.  

When it's hot for some reason I feel the need to do a little cleaning and organizing.  Today I decided to give new life to my sweet corner cabinets in the dining room that hold my small assortment of dining pieces that aren't too fancy, were most likely passed down or bought second hand, but that I think are so very special.   I couldn't help myself and purchased a well priced set of 44 antique crystal glasses at a Dallas estate sale (my weakness...I could go to them every day and search through the goodies for treasures from the past).  The sweet husband was so very kind in welcoming the addition to our home even though we have enough old sentimental glasses to host a very large drink party.  I just can't help but stand in the glasses area at the thrift store, the estate sale, or the garage sale and get lost in my imagination. I think of the wonderful times we will have in the future toasting with friends and celebrating life or I imagine how beautiful they would be set at a long table under candlelight.  I really need to get a grip but I can't.  There will be more collections to share with y'all I'm sure...but for now let's hope that this 44 piece set is the last collection I purchase for a while.  Anyone have any weaknesses in the estate sale department?