Foraging is something I like to do almost anywhere...I forage for treasures at the thrift store, I forage for metal goods at what I call the "junk yards in the back" at trade days, I forage for mushrooms in the woods...j/k on that last one...but it does sound nice doesn't it.  On the level though...I am a forager.  I like to search for goodies...and I like the search.  Today I happened upon our neighbor's kind yardman piling a shoulder high mound of clippings on the side of the street for the mulcher to come shred and you better believe I had to go on over and see what little treasures he had cut.  It was a bounty...figs, turks caps, lots of crepe myrtle, and a little bit of cross vine.  I grabbed a nice big load and with a big smile on my face headed home to arrange.  When I got home the hubs could tell that I had that cuckoo creative look in my eye...the look that means "I'll probably be in my own little world for an hour or not disturb".  Uh-oh nap time was just around the corner and like a champ the hubs put the little guy down so I could turn the kitchen into a world of leaves, twigs, and I'm writing this I kind of think I may have looked like a crazy person in the kitchen with leaves falling all over the place and that twinkle in my eye.  Thank goodness my sweet hubs loves me even when I'm a little looney...right darlin'?Anywho...after many a leaf a fallin' and many a bug a crawlin' my masterpiece was finished and I could put my little lady to sleep, the crazy look left my eye, and my "cram it in as fast as you can creative moment for the day" was done.