Casa de Nanny Rose

Our sweet neighbor Rose, who we now get to call Nanny Rose, is like a grandmother to my sweet babes and she is just adorable.  She is 94, has lived through ups and downs with a courageous heart, loves Jesus so very dearly, and has a beautiful sense of style.  Her home is so cozy and welcoming and has a uniqueness to it that is so inspiring.  

Nanny Rose is a ray of sunshine and inspiration to all who meet her.  She even babysat one night for us at the age of that is impressive.  She hosts weekly Bible studies at her house and all of her grandkids are over there constantly playing outside, mowing her lawn, or singing beautiful folk songs and you better believe that's when I open all of my windows to get some lovely harmonizing flowing into my house.  Last year she made me an ornament for my Christmas tree.  She reminds me of my grandmother, Willie, and is so refreshing in this world of technology and constant busyness.  Nanny is intentional, she is brave, she is thoughtful, and she lives life so very beautifully and I am so thankful to be her neighbor and get the opportunity to learn from her.  Thank you for welcoming us into your house Nanny!