Basil Whipped Cream

Is my new favorite thing.  I love it combined with a simple peach cobbler or peach crumble...I know it sounds strange but it really is a treat.  All you do is whip your cold cream in a mixer until stiff peaks form.  Right before the stiff peaks form I like to throw in a little vanilla extract, almond extract, and a little powdered sugar for a hint of sweet.  When the stiff peaks are done I get as many basil leaves as I can to fit into my garlic press and I press in the good basil juices and little pieces that the press nicely creates for me.  A little soft hand stir and there you have your summer treat.  Don't want to make the whole peach cobbler...just slice up some fresh peaches or even slice them up, roast them and then put a big dollop of that whip cream on top.