Fredericksburg Garten and Aquaponics

The other evening I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet family of Fredericksburg Garten.  They were at the farmers market with a simple cooler of beautiful chemical free produce sitting around a quilt with all of their attention turned to their adorable grandbaby.  I loved seeing the entire family unit there supporting the business and it was fascinating to hear about how they grow their wonderful produce.  They use a method called aquaponics which involves using the excrements of fish as fertilizer and growing the produce on the water from the tanks that house the fish.  It's an ancient method that has evolved into a modern method of farming and I am so excited that different methods are being explored in our area.  It's a brilliant idea in a place like Fredericksburg that experiences extreme droughts because even though you use a large amount of water for the tanks the plants rarely need watering.  I'm hoping to get out there some day to visit there farm and take some pics but for now enjoy a photo inside the aquaponics greenhouse taken by Bob Owen for the San Antonio Express News.