Tomato Salad

I love when it's tomato season.  The tomatoes are sweeter, they come in every color and shape and size, and it's so fun to gobble them all up.  I even just put a huge bowl of orange teeny tiny cherry tomatoes on the kitchen island so that we can all just grab a handful here and there to enjoy like a handful of M&Ms...but instead it's nature's candy and I feel like we are being really really healthy:)  The other day at the Farmer's Market I couldn't help but get 3 bags full of tomatoes even though we were going to be headed out of town the next day and I decided to use them all in one dish.  A tomato salad sounded like a great idea for enjoying the rainbow of tomatoes I had gotten at the market.  I had a bag full of the teeny tiny orange, a bag of bright yellow heirlooms called "peach tomatoes", and a bag of beautiful green ones with yellow stripes called "green zebra tomatoes".  I diced the yellow and the green zebra varieties because they were quite a bit bigger than the orange and left the teeny tiny orange ones whole.  Then we...and I say we because sweet Sally is my official sous chef...crumbled some feta and some parmesan into our salad along with some fresh chopped basil, olive oil, reduced balsamic vinegar (the sweeter kind), and a bit of salt and pepper.  And bippity boppity boo a fresh yummy and easy tomato salad.