Pontotoc Vineyard Wines

A couple of nights ago we had so much fun hosting the sweet Money family at our house.  They are owners of the Pontotoc Vineyard in sweet little Pontotoc, TX which is about a 45 minute drive from Fred and sounds like such a cute quaint town which would be a great quick day trip if you are ever up here visiting.  The Moneys are a special crew.  They are creative but they are also business minded...a smashing combination.  Francis is the pastry chef of the family...no really...she is a true blue pastry chef and she brought the most delightful of Key Lime Pies to dinner the other night.  I could barely cut into mine because it was so beautiful and fluffy and well perfect! Carl is a visionary having lived in Croatia, Spain, England, and France...wowsers...and he has such great ideas that I felt like all night I was slappin my thigh with a "shoot, I love that" exclamation.  Their children are adorable and so very kind...Francis could you and Carl also write a book on child rearing please.  Point of the story I love this sweet little family and it makes me so excited that there are people like the wonderful Moneys living in Fredericksburg.

One of my favorite moments was hearing Carl talk about the grapes that he grew for a bottle of wine that we were enjoying at that very moment and it felt pretty darn special.  I have never once had the pleasure of the actual owner and grower of the grapes tell me about his or her delicious wine.  Someday I hope we can go and see the lovely vineyard too.  Carl's uncle lives out at the farm/vineyard full time and tends to the grapes and the vines so that Carl and the family can have Fred as home base.  It's is a homegrown family run business and I just can't even describe how much I love hearing about it.  Hearing about the harvest, the old German farmhouse, the delicate grapes, the flavors the different types of grapes create, and the involvement of their sweet family down to their sweet baby boy Finn, who is a little love muffin, made me want to hear more and more.  

Pontotoc Vineyard wine is sold at Central Market, Whole Foods, and other markets and wine taverns across the state.  Find yourself some and enjoy all the lovely flavors and the craftsmanship that are a part of that delicious wine.

* click on photo to enjoy entire picture...some photos from Pontotoc Vineyard *