Foraging Friday

Because of all the rain we have gotten this summer foraging for flowers is so nice and easy.  Today I picked sunflowers from our little farm that have sprouted up all over the place.  At first looking at our little piece of land it was a little stressful because it has been so untouched and is practically a big blanket of cactus and weeds of all shapes and sizes...but it has been so fun seeing those weeds turn to wildflowers of every color.  In the spring it was a blanket of yellows, purples, reds, and whites, and in the summer it has slowly changed into a sea of bright yellow sunflowers.

The rain has also caused our persimmon tree to produce more fruit than I have ever seen and this morning I noticed that a branch had fallen off in the night.  Perfect foraging material!  Persimmons are beautiful even if green and small and not even close to being ripe.  So today's foraging is again thanks to God's artistry and before I go I must note and remind myself that wildflowers must never be taken for granted.  What a little ray of sunshine a little flower growing on it's very own in the so uniquely balanced wild is.  It really is a little miracle.