Come on out to the Farmer's Market

The Fredericksburg Farmer's Market is one of my favorite little markets of all time.  I actually sold cupcakes there years ago and it was a ton of fun but a LOT of hard work so I understand what it is like for all of those vendors out there...loading, unloading, pricing...let's just say it takes a lot longer than it looks.  But anywho, this year the market is full of great vendors.  Local handmade goat's milk chesses, fresh fish from the gulf, grass-fed local beef, pasture raised chickens, fresh eggs, organic produce of all different kinds (2 weeks ago I bought garlic scapes, icicle radish, artichokes, beets, and purplette onions), and much more.  You can get yourself homemade pizza made by master baker Josh Rymer, a free bite from the chefs corner featuring a new chef each week, homemade seasonal soup (using produce from the market) made by the HCM Hospital (yes, our hospital makes great food!), lamb sliders or fish tacos and much more!  It's such a blast!  Come on out from 4-7 to Marketplatz to support our market!

And while you are at it follow @FBGFARMERSMARKET on Instagram...I'm the curator for it and would love to share more about our market with you!