Summer Picnic at the Little Farm

So we had a dinner party...not your everyday dinner party...but one to celebrate a couple of the creators in Fred and this little town that we are blessed to live in.  

What made it special was how everyone came together to make it work. My dear friends, a dynamic duo named the Oakwrites, hand-carved the beautiful wooden benches we used for cocktail hour, the cutting boards we used to serve the accompaniments, and the serving spoons.  And they didn't carve it out of just any wood...they repurposed wood from oaks that have died from oak wilt right here in the hill country and made the old twisted wood into something absolutely beautiful.   

Sweet Sarah of Guten Co. hand pressed the most lovely of paper goods to create or paper suite including the menu, place cards, and reply card.  She also made the beautiful porcelain that we served the beet and goat cheese terrine on, displayed the peaches with, and used as little ice cream cups for the dessert.  

Michelle of Sprout  created the beautiful flower arrangement that pulled everything together...the colors, the theme, the was a home run!

John and Evelyn Washburne of Otto's were kind enough to do the most delightful food of all time.  We started with beautiful flatbreads covered in aromatic cheeses and earthy mushrooms...the perfect thing to eat under the old oak tree with a glass of wine.  Then came the main course of roasted salmon with lemon and garlic, the beautiful beet and goat cheese terrine, and the delightful Bohnensalat (German green bean salad...YUM).  We ate dinner with a little bread handmade in town by JoJu bakery that we just decided to pass around the table and break by hand...the butter was a grass fed cow's milk butter from Abundant Table.   It doesn't get much better than that!

Dessert was a peach and mint ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce poured out of the cutest beakers made by Guten Co. along with my most favorite cookie from The Peach Tree which is my dear aunt's precious tea room and gift shop in town.

As if it couldn't get any better...then the magnificent Four Proches, the sweetest little bluegrass/folk family band, came on over and sang us some songs to give the record player a break and to put some major icing on the cake:)

It was a night I will never forget and so very special to have the people that made everything from the table to the benches to the cups to the flower arrangement sitting there enjoying what they had made and each others was a night that will forever be dear to my heart and I am so glad that Kate Zimmerman was there to capture it!!!

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