The Ideal Small Town Dinner Party

This spring in Fred has been spectacular.  A couple of weeks ago we we wearing sweaters in the morning and in the afternoon enjoying the sunshine that gave a springy warmth to the cool air.  Ohhh it was lovely.  We also got to go to our dear friends home to have a dinner of tacos filled with underground smoked barbacoa, guacamole, homemade salsa, and a delicious mix of spicy corn and queso fresco on top.  YUM!!!  We walked into a table of delightful drink options...hibiscus tea sweetened with agave, maple syrup and mint lemonade, and of course some ice cold mexican beers.  On the drink table were two vases full of homegrown roses and ranunculus.  It was splendid.  The weather was delightful, little Wyatt's baby goats were adorable, the food was fantastic, and I was inspired by the evening.  It made me thankful for our little town and the slower pace.  What a blessing it is to be in Fred with the wildflowers, the green spaces, the history, and the friends that own goats and make homemade barbacoa tacos in their backyard:) 

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