Disney World Scoop

I wish I could have found a website that had a more simple guide to taking your kids to Disney World.  It's very impressive how people manage to fit it all in and start planning a year in advance but, we found it so enjoyable not trying to make it the "we saw everything" trip and more of the "let's enjoy ourselves and have a great time" trip.  What I did find that was very misleading online was information on the popular times for DW vs the "slow times".  The week in April that we went was supposedly a "slow time"...BUT people be aware...if that is a slow time...then I don't want to even imagine what it is like during the busy season.  I mean really...if you are going to spend all of that money to stay in a place close to the park, get park passes for all of your kids, and fly all of the way to the worlds happiest place then you should really really really go when it is "quiet/slow" or there are only several hundreds of thousands of people vs millions of people.  

The fast pass system was great but strange...you are limited to 3 passes a day, the window for each pass is an hour, AND you do it all on your smart phone...weird.  But...it is nice...you get to go on the rides you want to go on without waiting an hour or 2 and you can see on the Disney app which characters are out and where and what the wait times are for the rides.  

Here is the punch list for the Magic Kingdom:

1. Use the fast pass system even if you are a luddite type

2. Get to the park early...like right when it opens...sprint to your fave ride and enjoy it once or twice and then head to your first fast pass which you should schedule for around 9-9:30AM

3. Make 2 fast pass morning time slots until around noonish and then make one evening one...around 7:30 or 8

4. Leave the park around noon to go eat lunch and play by the pool...the park will have (by that point) turned into a zoo of people elbowing each other in 2 hr wait time lines and sweating like piggies or getting sunburned to a crisp...sound like fun? 

5. After having dinner and getting a glass of wine or two...head to the park with children in tow for the last fast pass and perhaps a nice "it's a small world" spin (usually has shorter wait times) and head to a spot by the entrance to the park to watch the light parade...so that you can make a serious mad dash for the monorail right before it ends

6. Stay at a hotel on the monorail and stay on the concierge floor...it will be much more expensive but so worth it.  We ate almost every meal there and it was SO much less stress than trying to find food in the sweaty zoo.

7. Pack one ENTIRE suitcase devoted to good healthy snacks for the kids.

8. If you have two little kids...bring two strollers...double strollers can't get through the crowds and the strollers they have there are so uncomfortable I think I caught a glimpse of maybe one child that actually managed to fall asleep in one.

9.  Take a deep breath.