Looking back on Easter

Easter is such a special time.  It is so important to me in regards to my faith.  It is pretty much the cornerstone of the story of Jesus and if you really think about it it is a WILD story.  If you grew up in the church you probably have gotten used to the words "He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven"(maybe too used to them)...if you didn't you are probably thinkin' "wowsers"...but man o man I don't want to get used to those words and I am excited to believe those words because they are WILD!  They are cuckoo wild.  Jesus dies and then He raises from the dead and ascends into Heaven...pure awesomeness if you ask me.  And He not only just dies...He dies for you and for me...He dies for ALL of us.  Crazy and awesome!  SO as I have gotten older and revisited those words I heard every year in Sunday school I get more and more excited to celebrate Easter...with a little bit of the Easter bunny on the side:)