Sunday Morning Sunshine

This morning the babies didn't sleep in...actually they have never slept in.  When they wake up at 6:30 we are thankful for the extra 15 minutes!  SO...anywho...we had an early start so after a little breakfast and coffee we decided to head over to Fredericksburg's LBJ park for some early morning sunshine and a nice little hike.  We were BLOWN AWAY by how awesome the little nature trail was.  There was a sweet little butterfly garden, an area devoted to bird watching, a great little vista to look over the beautiful Pedernales River and bluebonnets galore.  

What a great place to have a little early morning fun right in town.  SO...if you are ever in town and want a little Hill Country Outdoor experience head on over to the nature trail.  I also recommend picking up some breakfast tacos from Altos de Jalisco on the way:)...why not make it a morning picnic too?!