Sunday Brunch at Ottos

Finally, somewhere to go to get a delicious Sunday brunch.  Ever since the Peach Tree decided to stay closed on Sunday places to go for a special Sunday brunch have been scarce.  Vaudeville is the place I would send you if you were to ask and to be honest I have always been a little confused why more establishments don't open up for brunch because I would assume that the thousands of tourists would love to have somewhere to go and get one last bite of loveliness.  

Today we got to experience a sneak peak into the world of Sunday brunch at Ottos and it was pure bliss.  The menu was spectacular and small which I think is appropriate for a Sunday brunch. No one wants to fuss over a large menu on a Sunday at the end of the week.  The food was glorious.  Perfectly and beautifully prepared, original and most definitely sticking with their German inspiration.  Things I had the pleasure of sampling were: the Wurst and Eggs...two fried eggs accompanied by homemade breakfast wurst links, a bit of the best sauerkraut ever, and a little refreshing salad on the side; I also got a taste of the beet gnocchi...which I actually devoured, and the raisin bread plate really sent me over the moon with their classic salt, pepper, whipped butter, and beet compote pairing.  It was sweet, it was salty, it was breakfast, it was truly was the perfect brunch.  

I have to say I am so thrilled that Ottos is going to be open Sunday mornings and I just can't wait to go again!