Vogel Orchard's Pumpkin Patch

This is no ordinary pumpkin patch.  This is a true blue, fresh cut pumpkins by YOU patch that we absolutely LOVE.  Some sweet friends that go to church with us, the Vogels, own this beautiful farm and I am so thankful to them for providing such a fun experience for not only for my kids but for myself!  I love walking through the patch looking for just the right pumpkin to put on my porch.  It's got to be big, have good color, and sit at just the right perch and let me tell you it was love at first sight when I saw the very first Big Mac as sweet Terri Vogel opened the gate to the patch.  At 36 pounds this particular pumpkin was no slouch and has the most beautiful orange color with speckles of deep green.  It actually looks quite like a work of art.  Well of course I had to have it and managed to cut it, plop it in the wheelbarrow, and get it to the orchard stand with two babies in tow.  I must say I was pretty proud of myself and felt like quite the country lady until a bug flew off of it and Davey and I both screamed.  Aside from our wimpy reaction to the bug we did a pretty good job and came home with 28 pumpkins.  To be exact: 1 big mac, 1 porcelain doll pink, 1 green cinderella, and 25 casperitas (miniature white) and for a great price to boot!!!  This is a must do and even a make a drive out for the day activity...you wont regret it!