Here it Goes

Hey friends...SO here it goes.  After talking about this for about 6 months with the sweet hubs I finally decided it was time to just go for it.  I wanted to have the perfect look, the perfect pics, and make it as best as possible but I have realized that this guide is going to be a constant work in process so I just thought I would go ahead and put it out there.  Why my sweet husband would say.  I still want to take all of the pictures for the site myself...which right now I am at about half me half others, there is still WAY more content to enter, and tons of tweaking to do...BUT I was thinking that perhaps if I put it out some of y'all out there could give me some words of advice (does the site flow well, would you like more information or just links to websites) and let me know how I can make this the best guide for you.

I am finally doing this because I feel like Fredericksburg is so darn tootin special.  We've got restaurants that would knock your socks off and shops that are so well curated that it would blow you away...I mean this place has got some gems.  And I want to share them.  After getting texts and emails for 7 years asking where to go and what to do I think it is time to make this happen.