Emma + Ollie

Awesomely talented friend Rebecca Rather has done it again!! The most amazing pastries, a lunch and breakfast menu small but to die for, and located in a precious original Basse block historic home…this place just knocks it out of the park. I recommend the Tomato Toast for breakfast with a side of Zanzeberg Farm sausage and a cinnamon roll. At lunch I go for the pimento cheese and onion jam hamburger without the bun on a bed of fresh spring greens and a lemon square for dessert. Typing this is literally making my mouth water. I’m headed over there!

Bluebird Farmhouse

 Finally has it's own website.  We are so excited to share this sweet 12 acres of turkey farm turned quaint B and B.  We hope you enjoy and come visit us sometime soon!

Robert Feuge

Artist extraordinaire and dear friend...Robert is someone who blows my mind with something new every time I see him and gives the very best hugs.  He is an artist to the very core and I love the way his mind works.  He and his precious wife Claudia make our town a better place and I love them dearly.  Enjoy this video put together by Laity Lodge to give us all a glimpse into the awesome artistic mind of Robert Feuge.  

Robert Feuge plays with junk. When we visited him in his Fredericksburg, Texas, studio, he pulled out piece after piece of salvaged material, roadside kill (one of his artworks features dove’s wings), and plenty of wood, mostly wilted local oak. “[With] virtually everything I look at,” Robert explained, “I ask the question: ‘What else can that thing be?’” We reunited in the Box Canyon a few days later. Robert brought along junk store spoons he had purchased and hammed, along with some clay. He put on his beret and went to work. We spent the rest of the day watching a grown man play. For more, visit theboxcanyon.org

Casa de Mal

I have been friends with Mal for 14 years now and from the moment we met we have been "bosom friends" as Anne of Green Gables would put it.  The first time I ever saw Mal she was on stage in front of our several thousand student summer orientation group answering the call for any students with "super human tricks" to come up and show us their magic.  I'll never forget Mal in her adorable vintage circle skirt and funky thick choker necklace standing up there showing us all her double jointed elbows while looking so very adorable.  I knew I had to meet that girl and it wasn't very long after that when we were randomly put together at a Spanish placement test that same week, at the same party one night, and walking down to the same sorority house a month later.  It's pretty awesome how that all worked out.  The Lord knew I needed a friend like Mal.  She's been a dear friend, an inspiration, and an absolute hoot, and I love her dearly.  I have always loved her aesthetic...it is so uniquely her.  Her love for music, for sunlight, the influence of oriental decor from her grandmother who married a missionary and lived in China, and of course her old soul that shows so brilliantly in the antiques and treasures of days past but revered so dearly.  I wish you could go inside because the pictures don't do it justice.  This home is truly a treehouse dream home.  

The Mountains in the Summertime

Today was David's first day back at school.  The end of summer has officially arrived and we turn the page to a new chapter of life.  As I look back at the summer I am grateful for the memories we shared.  My life has of late been surrounded by hardship.  Not the my kids are not behaving and I'm about to go crazy kind...which don't get me wrong I know those days and they are hard...this is a whole different beast.  Two people very dear to me and a part of my family are fighting the fight with cancer.  It's so very hard.  It is beyond hard to see them hurting but at the same time so very inspiring to see them stand tall in their faith...so inspiring that it has given me a new perspective on life.  Life is ever-changing...it ebbs and it flows...there are ups and there are downs...it can go on or it can abruptly end...these are all things we know for certain...so why do I always yearn for only the ups and live in fear of the looming down?  When I am in that mindset I have lost sight of faith...of the truth that God is good all the time.  That He works all things together for the good of those who love Him.  There will be ups...there will be downs...but in the end it is all about something totally better, something divine, and out of this world.  It is about God and His divine plan for us and the world.  I am hopeful that in this upcoming year first of all that there would be divine healing, and second that I would live a life for the Lord to the fullest everyday without fear.  

In the mountains my new perspective manifested itself in seeing nature in a whole new dimension.  I have always been a nature girl so it really was amazing to have my appreciation go even deeper.  I saw not only beauty in so many things but I saw God.  I witnessed the ups and downs of life in nature but the goodness of God all around in the beauty.  It's hard to put into words but let's just say it blessed me immensely.  I wanted to share these moments that I snapped to bring a snippet of that blessing back for anyone that reads this ol' blog out there.  Pay it forward if you will.