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1. RED

You are most definitely missing out if you don't get a chance to check out Red.  Modern home furnishings, unique lighting, cardboard animal mounts, little random gifts, jewelry, vintage goodies, and even a special little fabric section for you interior design lovers is what this great shop in the old 50's car shop has for you.  

The people at Red are ready to ship and get the big goods to you...so don't feel shy to buy a couch or dining room table if you feel so inclined:)  



Root has been in Fred for a long time and it's been here for so long because the sweet owner Cassell Heep can't help but put together the best selection of clothes a small town could ever dream of having.  Cassell is one of those girls that exudes style.  I see her at the grocery store with the kids and guess what her messy bun, signature Wilfox top, and funky Rachel Pally leggings look so darn cute I wish I could ask her to pick out my clothes for me each morning.  She has a great mix of Trina Turk dresses and other cocktail-ish attire, Mother jeans, Lauren Moffat goods, Michael Star tees, Toms, and SO much more.  


This little shop is a part of the Peach Tree Tea Room and gift shop and boy is it cute!  The sweet owner, my wonderful aunt Tina, does a great job curating the shop with a mix of modern, traditional, and sometimes even industrial home furnishings as well as unique gifts, paper goods, candles, and jewelry.  Every time my mom and I go in there we come out with something.  Literally EVERY TIME...it's hard to go in without finding something perfect to take home with you.  I just love the mix of styles that Tina puts together so beautifully.  You must check it out...there is definitely something for EVERYBODY at Home at Last and in the Peach Tree's Gift Gallery.  While you are there you might as well go on over to the Peach Tree and get an iced tea to go or a homeade cookie...or both:)  



Baby clothes are something that I just can't help but get.  I never thought the day would come but I actually enjoy purchasing clothes for my children more than for myself.  Owner, Rebecca Parsons, has an eye for the unique piece of clothing for your child that you just can't live without.  She's got a great arrangement of little girls to big girls as well as little and big boys and her shoe collection is amazing.  Toms and Melissa shoes are the two brands that my kids love from Beulah's.  

Have fun shopping around there even if you don't have kids...I'm sure you will still find something you just have to get!




Just the best cooking store you will ever be in...that's it...literally...the BEST!  They have room after room after room of some of the most unique kitchen appliances, dinnerware, utensils...you name it they have it.  I especially love the cookie cutter wall, the cast iron section, the wooden spoons, and the tea room in the back...and the coffee area, and even the dish scrubber area...ok, I'll stop there...I could literally go on and on.  Enjoy sweet owner, Penny Hughes, great location as well.  The old building was actually the original town hospital that was run by her relative so even the space itself gives a uniqueness to this place that just can't be replicated.  


5. CAROL HICKS BOLTON and GUS antiques

These two lovely stores...will I be able to do them justice?  They are so unique that I really don't think there is anywhere else like this...really anywhere!!  French antiques, show stopping taxidermy pieces, huge beautiful wood tables that make me want to have a huge long room to fit one in...and SO much more fill the space of this old warehouse.  Not only are the pieces there stunning but the way they are styled by genius stylist/owner/amazing woman, Carol, makes this store a treat in so many more ways.  It's inspiring and exciting and at times delightfully overwhelming and I just want to go there every day and find something new.  I could literally spend an entire week there and still be excited and inspired by the space.  Please visit this special spot when you visit...and I promise you...you will not be disappointed!


Sprout is now 100% a flower design shop for weddings...but if you are in need of a florist to make your wedding the most beautiful and wonderful in all of the Fredericksburg lands...then go to Michelle at Sprout.  She is incredibly talented and has a great eye for color and texture.  To me she is the best florist I have ever met.  Ever.  Period.  So go.



Beautiful handmade clothes that flow in the wind with a lineny earthy vibe...yes please.  These clothes are one of a kind.  They are designed by sweet Robin...and man is she creative.  She brings something refreshing and interesting to the Fredericksburg creatives and I can't wait to continue to see more.  Store opening soon on 290 but for now Magnolia Pearl goods are available for purchase at Haberdashery or online.