The Girls of Guten Co.


Meet Sarah Sauer and Molly Rodgers of Guten Co.  Cutie patooties and majorly talented ladies.  Over the years I have seen these two in high school, off at college, taking art classes galore (which I am cuckoo jealous about), and now back at their hometown in Fredericksburg starting a business.  Their eye for beautiful things is exquisite and something that comes so naturally to both of them.  Sarah and Molly could go into the forest and come out with a masterpiece of twigs, rocks, and moss.  These are the people that make Fredericksburg so wonderful.  They bring a vibrant fresh creativity to Fredericksburg and I am so thankful for them.  Now off to get me some Guten Co. goods...I have had my eye on the large journal.  Oh and did I mention at the moment they are selling paper goods and beautiful brass lovellies...but soon they will have a curated selection of books, hand-woven pillows, and hand-thrown pottery for sale.  I have a hard time telling you all of this because I kind of just want it all to myself:)