Katie here.  I love the hill country.  I feel blessed to call it home.  The sweet town of Fredericksburg has meant so much to me for most of my life.  I grew up visiting, lived part of my youth, got married, moved to a farm, started my first teaching job, had two children, bought a house, and live life in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The Fredericksburg of old is starting to dwindle...old German shops selling and turning into tourist traps, restaurants with character shutting down and with it the charm of the sweet little town I once knew.  But before I go any further let me say that I believe in change.  I'm not an old stickler that wants it all to be the same or stay a secret.  Fredericksburg is a place I want to share...otherwise I wouldn't be writing this right now...but I want to see it change for the good.  For instance, I love the bistro we have a couple of blocks from our house that uses meats, dairy, and fresh produce from local farmers while also delivering the gourmet dining experience of world class restaurant with a small town feel that is free of pretension and foodie snobbery.  I love the Old German Bakery where we celebrate each family birthday with a candle in the special super flat German pancakes and the everyday coffee drinkers singing along to the happy birthday tune.  

I also love the people that shape this wonderful town.  The artist that hand carves the most beautiful wood pieces for the church down the street, the WWII vet that lost his leg in battle and meets at the German bakery each morning, the young man that owns the bistro, has a strong passion for our little town, and works so hard to make it a better place to live....there are so many.  I hope having a glimpse at them gives you even a better appreciation for coming to visit. 

It is impossible for me to have a website and not feature some beautiful homes in Fred.  SO along with where to eat, play, and sleep as well as WHO has shaped our town, I thought it would be fun to share the HOMES of the people who live here in our unique small town.  

This town is special and I want to help in any way to make it better.  SO...I thought that a guide on where to go, or what to support would perhaps help to shape Fredericksburg just a teeny tiny bit.  I hope you enjoy visiting and please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, praises, concerns, or even disappointments.