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living the small town life

Butter dipped radishes and carrots

Katie Turpin

Are very very yummy.  I stumbled upon this idea via the delightful world of instagram and just had to try it out.  The trick to a pretty butter dipped veggie is tempering the butter.  When you melt it you want it to be in between melted in not melted at all.  I melted  a yummy big hunk of delicious salted grass fed butter in the microwave for about 25 seconds and then used a fork to mash up the part that was still cold and not melted at all into the melty part.  That gave me a smooth tempered butter that I could dip into.  I found some local radishes that still had some of the greens on just makes it pretty as well as some teeny tiny tender local carrots.  If you can't find local ones the ones at the store will still work! 

After doing all of the dipping I sprinkled some chunky salt (salt flakes would work too) on top and even put a little on the side of the plate that I served my butter dipped little goodies on in case people wanted an extra salty bite.  These were easy as pie and yummy as can be so give it a shot and let me know how it goes!