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living the small town life

Why you should come to Fredericksburg on a Thursday...

Katie Turpin

Because of the best farmer's market ever!  We have the best farmer's market of all time.  Really...I honestly think we do.  I have been to two different farmer's markets in San Francisco, one in Amsterdam, many in Paris, two in Austin, one in Houston, and one in Dallas and they have always been lovely...but I really think Fredericksburg has the best.  It has a party/get together type feel and there is a playground for the kiddies right next to it so that the kiddos can play while the parents hang and shop.  The vendors are sweet as can be and they bring the most delightful of goods.  Pasture raised chickens and fresh eggs, grass-fed beef, fresh fish driven straight in from the gulf the day before, homemade artisan bread made with Texas wheat, homemade pastries, certified organic produce, chemical free produce, homemade goat milk cheese, and lots lots more.  They even have Sunset Grill there making lamb sliders from a local farmer's pasture raised lambs, Josh making homemade pizza using local ingredients, local wines, and our hospital even has a booth where they sell the most delicious soups make from market ingredients (our hospital serves some REALLY good food!).  It is truly a great assortment of vendors and yummy stuff and I just love it.  My grandmother and aunt are coming up for a Thursday night soon to go to the should too!

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