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living the small town life

Birdie Textiles

Katie Turpin

Meet Anna Marie...adorable and superbly talented young lady that I love so dearly.  I am excited to announce that sweet Anna Marie has opened her very own Etsy shop where you can purchase her works of art that you can wear or admire on the wall.  Her aesthetic is beautiful and basically it's perfection! I can also speak for the quality of these goods having had a handful of them for over a year.  

Her newest pieces, the wall hangings, have me swooning...and you better believe my little guy is going to have one of those gracing his wall after Santa's visit to our house:)  I can't talk about Birdie Textiles without sharing that she also has some of her pieces in the new adorable shop Fredericksburg Natural Baby on Main Street that I will be featuring on the blog soon.

I hope you find the joy from these great hand knit pieces that I do...I just get so happy to wear and enjoy something that someone spent their precious time and used their very own hands to make.  Thank you sweet Anna Marie for making such beautiful goodies!  Happy Christmas shopping everyone!!